Score HD – Candace Harley


Candace Harley – When the daughter`s not home, fuck the mom!
Released: November 28, 2016

Tony knocks on the door, looking for his girlfriend, and 43-year-old Candace Harley answers, wearing a tight tube top that her big tits are bulging out of. Well, his girlfriend is Candace’s daughter. Tony is 36. Candace’s daughter is 18, and she’s not happy about this situation, so she has him come inside. You know, to give him a good talking to. “I thought you guys were sisters,” Tony tells her, but his sweet-talk isn’t working. “Have you fucked my daughter?” she asks. He says they haven’t. “You know what?” she says, pulling out her tits. “I think you’re going to like this better.” And he does.

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