Primals FANTASIES – Veruca James


Veruca James – I Hate You!!!
Released: August 23, 2016

I knew this bitch was a gold-digging slut from the start, and now I can prove she’s been cheating on my best friend. When I confront her in a hotel room with dozens of pictures of her fucking guys across town, she still tries to act like she’s better than me. What a bitch! Even tries to say I can’t prove it’s her in the pictures, but who can mistake that bangin’ body? Bitch knows I got her, even if she is too cocky to admit she’s a lying whore. But if she doesn’t want me sending this pics of her slutty ass to her boyfriend and everyone else, she’d better learn her place. Maybe if this skank gives good head, I’ll be nice and delete those pictures. I mean, I need room for all the shots I’m gonna take of my cum dripping from her mouth.***If you like this video, you may also like these:Bridgette B – I Hate You!!!Alix Lynx – I Hate You!!!Pristine Edge – I Hate You!!!Casey Calvert – I Hate You!!!Dillion Carter – I hate you!

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