The Oddest Couple

The Oddest Couple (Henri Pachard VCA)
Year: 1986

Pornstars starring: Sarah Bernard, Robert Bullock, David Christopher, Danielle, Barbara Dare, Siobhan Hunter, Paula Meadows, David Morris, Henri Pachard, Ralph Parfait, Joey Silvera, Tasha Voux, Jeffrey Wallach
Sleazy tramp (the part, not the actress) Danielle interrupts her husband’s football watching once too often with her pleas for sexual gratification, landing her out on the street with nothing but a suitcase full of skimpy lingerie. Following a hilarious montage of failed attempts at securing a place to live (prompting cameos from Sullivan as a priest and his real life son and ace cinematographer “Ralph Parfait” as the dimwit with the pregnant wife), she winds up at the home of prim and proper Siobhan Hunter, a virginal spinster in the making. The fun starts when Danielle starts inviting her equally promiscuous family and friends into her new abode, leading Siobhan down the path to enthusiastic slut-hood.





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