FTV Girls – Amy


FTV Girls – Amy
Released: August 14, 2016

I’ve always been into watching porn, since I got my first cell phone when I was 8. People say how kids who get cell phones early have access to the internet and porn and it hypersexualizes them. I guess that is what happened to me. I even started practicing fingering my ass when I was twelve, and I was playing with toys bigger than the size of normal dicks when I was 14. I always liked the extreme porn where girls are getting fisted, or riding big dicks and getting their pussies and butts stretched out. I wanted to be one of those girls but I didn’t know if I could really do it. I think I surprised myself by being able to fist my pussy and butt. It feels especially good when I fist my vagina and I really liked pushing things like the hitachi vibrator and the big dildo into my pussy. I like the feeling of pressure something about it feels really good and I can’t really get that from a normal dick. Though I still love fucking too. By the end of the day though I think I was done, my pussy was sore and my ass too, and I had this tummy ache where my body was telling me that’s enough! I really want to come back though and do it again and maybe try some more things. Now that I know I can fist, I will be doing it at home just for fun. I think its a totally new way of having sex with yourself(;





Genre: Solo, Masturbation, Small Tits
Duration: 01:07:00



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